As a Real Estate Professional I owe it to my clients to always represent them to the best of my ability. When working with Buyers or Sellers I always want to be honest, responsible and responsive. But let me talk about representing a Seller for a moment.
As a Seller, you hire an agent to help you with pricing your property right for the market, advertising your home to the broadest audience and being responsive to questions by potential Buyers and Agents. But what if the information that is placed in the Multiple Listing Service is not complete? What if it's not accurate? What happens when an agent has viewed the instructions to show your home and shows up with his Buyers and can't gain access to the house because your agent forgot to include the combination to the lock box in the instructions? What if the calls and text messages to your agent went unanswered? Maybe those Buyers were only in town for the day scouting out a house for their upcoming move to town. Maybe you lost an opportunity to sell. 
Unfortunately, this isn't a hypothetical situation. It has happened to me when showing homes...more than once. So take your time and interview more than one agent. Get references from other Sellers they have represented. Just because your cousin's sister-in-law has a Real Estate license, they may not be the best person to represent YOU. 
What experiences have you had selling a home? I'd love to hear about them. Leave a comment below.