Life is full of choices, some are simple while others may need more thought, research or investigation. Finding a Realtor for Buying or Selling a home shouldn't be one that is made lightly. Yes, I know, your neighbor's cousin's son just got his license and he asked if he could help you. Before you agree, here are a few things to consider.

  • How well does the agent know your area and market trends to help you arrive at a list price that will maximize your return in the shortest time frame?
  • What is his/her plan to market your home? Do they have the best resources available to them?
  • Will they hire a professional photographer/videographer?
  • If you are selling and then buying, does the agent have the experience to handle these transactions so the experience is smooth and has the least stress possible?
  • Is the agent a problem solver, able to deal with unexpected situations should they arise?
  • Will they be able to negotiate the terms of offers, including price, concessions, repairs, closing, etc? 

Don't hesitate to ask for references from past clients. Good communication throughout the transaction is key! I believe in over communicating so that my clients know what to expect and can make informed decisions. My goal is to provide the Service that YOU Deserve!