I had a good laugh this morning when I had a call from one of my customers. She and her husband like to drive around to scope out homes for sale then call me if they see one that interests them. They saw a property with a For Sale By Owner sign and decided to call the number to ask a few questions. Well, the recording they heard was enough to confirm that she didn't like working without an agent and that FSBO owners can be their own worst enemy.
The recording that she heard went something like this..."If you are calling about the house at 123 Main Street, please leave a message. And if you are a Realtor, hang up because I am not listing my house!"  Wow.
My customer left a message and when the return call came she almost didn't answer it because the number was restricted. The Seller began to question the Buyer. I am asking $495,000. Is that in your price range? Yes, came the reply. A few more questions such as where do you currently live etc. and then the Seller shared with the Buyer "I am alone in my house most of the time because my husband travels." Seriously, that's what she shared with the stranger on the phone who had driven by her house! 
When the Seller called my customer again she left a message that she needed the correct spelling of their name because she could not find them in property records. "I need to meet you and see your proof of funds. We can meet at Starbucks before I can let you see my house" 
As a buyer, the seller had just cemented in her mind why she would never deal with an owner without the professional expertise of an agent. As the seller, she had exposed her vulnerability by telling the buyer that she was alone a good deal of the time. In her attempt to qualify the prospective buyer she turned off a serious cash buyer for her home. Oh, but she did confess that if the house didn't sell by the end of the month she was going to list it with a Realtor! :-)  Great idea Mrs. Seller. 
The story had us both laughing which was a nice way to start the day. 
Do you have a story about buying or selling on your own? Please post in the comments. I'd like to know how it went. 

Happy Holiday! Wishing you a bright New Year.